Crab Ravioli Nero (insert explative here)

I was so excited to do this. Had I not gotten skunked on the pier squid jigging, I would probably still be squeezing ink out of little squid butts right now, but I was lucky enough to find some at my local Italian specialty store.  I read maybe 30 recipes, researched sauces, fillings, different pasta making styles, and I really must say nothing prepared me for what a bitch making this by hand  was. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed myself, I had a blast taking turns vigorously rolling out my pasta with my boyfriend. He was like the relief man in CPR. I’m not sure what the difference would be had I actually been able to find any 00 flour to make the pasta dough but in my mind right now, that was an exhausting error that wont be repeated. It felt like I was trying roll out leather. I want a pasta maker. Right now. In case I get a wild hair, and think that this is a good idea ever again.


For the black pasta

4 eggs

3 1/2+ cups of 00 flour. (seriously get it…. then tell me if it makes that much of a difference. I’m DYING to know)

2 packets of cuttlefish or squid ink (about 1 tbs each)

for filling

8 oz dungeness crab meat

1/4 cream cheese

1/4 cup ricotta

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 cup finely chopped green onions

1/2 tsp chili pepper flakes

garlic powder


For the sauce

1/2 a stick butter

3/4 cups heavy cream

1/4 cup vodka

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

juice of half of a lemon

salt, and pepper to taste

Whisk up  your eggs and squid/cuttlefish ink. I didn’t do this, but I’m pretty sure that it would have alleviated a lot of self doubt had I started out that way. Gently mix that into your flour. It will not get completely black until you knead it. You’ll know you’re done kneading when your  soul feels like its about to die. You’ll then shake off your exhaustion, and realize that your roll of dough is black, and just the way you want it.

Its now time to start rolling out your pasta. If you didn’t get that 00 dough, you need to remember that its going to be very springy. Don’t let that knock you down though. Rolling your dough out is possible. It is also exhausting. At this point your should probably wash your hands and pour yourself a glass of wine. Drink half, and get to it, you are after all, making Italian food. Its almost mandatory that you have at least a glass while you make it. Roll the dough out until its about 1mm thick.  The best process is to get it rolled out flat, and then start at one edge, and roll as hard as you can.. I was thinking about taking up crossfit, and then trying this again with my shitty not 00 flour. (Are you getting my point?)

Next cut your dough into a square and cut the square into approximately 2x2in squares. Brush water over the top of them, and place a small amount of your crab dip in the middle. Squish your ravioli together around the edges, and repeat. Once you have finished, place them on a lightly floured wax paper, and start on your sauce. (I’m serious about the wax paper. Home made pasta is like rubber cement on crack. Its ridiculous how much that dough can stretch when its slightly sticky and wet.)

ravioli neri

I chose a vodka alfredo with a touch of lemon to compliment my seafood. It was good. But I honestly think a red sauce would have been better, and certainly less fattening.

Boil your raviolis for about 5 minutes or until the edges are soft/al dente, smother in your sauce and enjoy.


This is a colossal pain in the ass without a pasta maker. I’m sure there’s a hoard of little old Italian grannies, with biceps like Popeye laughing at me right now, but the pasta maker, and the correct flour would have made my life a lot easier. It was delicious though..


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2 responses to “Crab Ravioli Nero (insert explative here)

  1. Kristine Cimino

    Are you hinting pasta maker for Christmas?


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