Attila scourge of the gods hard cider review

There’s a new kid in town on the Seattle cider front. Its starting a delicious invasion into our local pubs and challenging  your taste buds, to ever consider stepping back into the realm of angry orchard or crispin. Both are excellent choices but this little gem brings a touch more to the cider front. 

This weekend we took a little valentines day trip to Leavenworth. We spend a bit of time every trip wine tasting. Not going to the vineyards but heading into the quaint little shops and trying the local drops. We found a new one. Matterhorn tasting cellars. It has a fairly awesome decor on the inside, and in general that really doesn’t mean that the wines on the inside are going to be all that great, but this time it really set the mood for what they are selling. Its rather dungeonesque. I do full heartedly recommend stepping in.,, I wasn’t disappointed by any of the wines I ended up tasting in there. 

After a few tastes, the Attila was added to our glass. Now generally ciders here will run you about $7.99 for a 6 pack. Atilla is a bit more at $25 for a 4 pack (large bottles). WORTH IT. Its sweet, but not so sweet that it makes your salivary glands pucker, and it goes down smooth. Another thing I noticed was that it was almost completely clear. This cider is hardly a scourge of the gods. In fact, I’m almost certain this cider will please them deeply, and they will grant you offspring, or an extremely productive harvest for this offering. I’m hoping with all my little hopes that this cider goes on tap at all my favorite haunts.Image



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  1. This featured on today. Thx for the revew.


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