Limoncello, Start now, and have a bottle by summer!!

So I have been doing the opposite of blogging. Which is… not blogging. I deleted the app from my phone and took a short break to…. get the creative culinary juices flowing? (be lazy) It is February, and in appoximately 3 months it will be closing in on summer, and the sun will once again grace us with its presence. It is time to prepare!!

A few months ago my mom and I got together and made a batch of limoncello for her winter reserves. I’ll have you know, as my mother has gotten older, she has actually proved time and time again, that she is far cooler than me. That being said, we started our first batch (together) of limoncello, and in the early throws of winter she provided me with a small bottle of deliciousness to get me through the cold months. In order to get that delicious flavor that I have come to love, there is a waiting period of almost 3 months.  Yes my dears, MONTHS. It does not take days to make, nor does it take weeks. Its a labor of love, patience, and self control that takes about 80 to 100 days to create, puting us into mid may. Perfect timing to uncork, unseal and enjoy the fruits of our patience.

There are specifics that you must know. First of all, you use the rind only. None of the white pith. That will create a slightly bitter taste. Second, its time to go organic. I like the idea of organic food, and I’m certain I should be eating more of it, but for this purpose I’m using the outer layer only and its exposed to every spray and toxin they use to spare it from the critters that prey on citrus fruits.


On to the goods!

(First 40 days)

20 organic lemons

2 liters of vodka

(Second 40 days)

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

Zest your 20 lemons removing just the rind. Add them to a bottle that you can seal, and pour in the vodka, leaving enough room to add in your simple syrup in 40 days. Store your limoncello in a cool dark place until you’re ready to add in your simple syrup. About halfway through your zesting process you’ll realize that you need to use 20 lemons in a short period of time. Fret not my friend! Juice your 20 lemons and make lemon ice cubes. You can store them in baggies to avoid freezer flavoring, and add them to your drink for an extra splash of amazing.


For the simple syrup

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

Bring your water to a boil, and slowly add in the sugar until it dissolves. Remove it from the heat, and allow it to cool. While the syrup is cooling, strain your vodka, removing the rinds. Add the simple syrup to your vodka and reseal it. Place it back in your hiding place, returning every once in a while to give it a little shake to stop the sugar from accumulating on the bottom.  After 40 days you are ready to bottle/drink it. It feels like forever, but it is well worth the patience and effort. Enjoy!!


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