Hydroponics! How I spent my low census day!

I saw an indoor herb farm on here the other night and thought to myself, Ooooh holy hell! I need to get on amazon, and buy that RIGHT friggin NOW!  As I search amazon for the best price, the hydro kit that I keep forgetting about shined a little brighter in its corner of the plant room. Sure, every few months I take it out, dig through it, and question what I should put in it. We have a TON of succulents, But they are in a sense the worlds most virile plants. Sometimes when I’m trimming them I stick the leaves in the dirt, and a few weeks later after I have forgotten about them as well, I find them rooted, and beginning to spring up fresh leaves. How ever, being that I am on a fresh herb kick, and that my mothers house was brimming with fresh growth, I decided to pick a few clones and plop them in my kit. After about 10 daunting minutes it was all set up, PH tested, plant food added and spirting water.



Olaf even stopped by to check out the sprouts. He managed to abscond with a few of them before I was able to get them into the little pots. 


Now I’m not saying I cant grow herbs on my own, I’ve just had a crappy track record thus far. My little baby pots have begun to sprout, at least some tiny tiny parsley, and some oregano. Still no sign of my basil, and the thyme only has a few meager sprouts. Only time will tell. A watched planter never sprouts!! 


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