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Goat cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates with Maple greek yogurt sauce

Over the last month or so people have been mentioning bacon wrapped dates to me. I’ve attempted to find them in the Seattle happy hour scene with no luck, so the next best thing was to make them my self. These little gems were super easy to make. And the yogurt sauce provided a clean sweet and sour taste that brought out the flavor of  both the date and the bacon. The only bad part about them is the repetitive motion injury you get from stuffing your gob with them. This little abomination to one of the East’s most wonderful fruits, will surely become one of the west’s favorite new treats. 

One packet of dates 

12 oz thin cut bacon

2 oz goat cheese

for the sauce

6 oz Fage greek yogurt

2 tablespoons of high quality maple syrup. 

1 tsp Brown sugar

I had half a pack of pitted dates, and half a pack of non pitted dates when I started this little project. Dates with pits are far easier to work with and have more space for goat cheese. Following that advice, slice open and remove the pit from your dates. Place a small amount of goat cheese in each date, wrap each date with bacon only one layer thick, and secure them in place with a tooth pick. Next fry them over medium high heat for approximately 3 minutes each side and serve them with maple yogurt sauce.


For the sauce

Mix together Greek yogurt, brown sugar, and maple syrup until its completely combined together and there are no lumps remaining, and begin liberally dipping your dates in them.


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